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About Tipigo

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The company

Tipigo is an Israeli-based startup, a prominent pioneer in investment technology.


Tipigo provides unique, customized SaaS solutions to help investors in the US stock markets identify high-quality investment opportunities that serve their investment strategies.


Tipigo's solution provides access to valuable investment opportunities and advanced back-testing tools.

How it works?

              The Technology

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The underlying technology is based on a data collection of fundamentals, market data, and analysts rating stream, adjusting as new information emerges.


Tipigo’s engine successfully combines the best of Professional Analysts' insights and ML technology to better identify and rank high-performing investment opportunities.


This innovative technology is the “heart” of our tool-suite that allows you to identify valuable rated investment opportunities and build your successful investment portfolio in a “blink of an eye”.

Proven Track Record

Tipigo's technology has been tested and proven to be consistently successful in both: Bull or bear markets in several Proof-Of-Concepts have been held with leading investment houses with real money and under public oversight.

POC  HealthCare sector Mutual fund 2018- 2019
POC Public Mutual fund (multi sectors) 2019-2020
POC 2020 SPY.png
POC Technology sector Mutual fund 2018-2019
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POC Public HealthCare Mutual fund 2019- 2020
POC XLV 2020.png

What makes us succeccful?


Your profile is in your hands. You determine the portfolio's profile: Universe, Sector, Risk and much more...


Get up and running Tipigo instantly.

Once you define your investment profile, we take care of the rest.


Investment opportunities are based only on the selected team of professional analysts worldwide.


Endless combinations of profiling allow you to determine your best investment profile and test it any time on any time scale.

Our Leading Team


Yhuda Carmel

CEO and founder

Nechemia Bor

CSO and founder

Keren Regev

Tamir Shertzer

Product and Business development


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