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Professional tools for professional investors

Build your winning portfolio in no time:   

Tipigo's tools for professionals were designed especially for all levels of portfolio managers who integrate US equity stocks in their portfolios.

Tipigo's tools save valuable time and efforts spent on research for valuable investment opportunities in US stock markets.

Tipigo' tools allow you to locate out of Thousands of Sell-side analyst ratings, the Buy-side Investment opportunities that fit your investment profile. All investment opportunities are rated by score (1-5)


It's done with the help of a very two simple but yet sophisticated steps:

  1. Define your targeted field/universe on which your investments will be based. 

  2. Define fundamental and technical preferences according to your professional insights. (Your insights will be added to Tipigo's engine algorithm in order to locate and rate selected high-quality investment opportunities for your portfolio).


Get confidence

Tipigo's Tools includes very powerful Back-Test tools that allow you to test your insights on historical periods.

All you have to do is "go back in time", choose a historical date on which you want to receive investment opportunities, and backtest the results on the period following this date.

For comparison, the system allows you to add benchmarks of your choice to the report.

 Understand market trends and sentiment


market trends.png

Define your investment universe

Scored recommendations.png


Use system defaults or use your own preferences

Tipigo's technology works for you,
After defining your investment profile, let Tipigo's engine locate the best-rated investment opportunities for you.


The stocks picked are based on the weighted score of top-rated analyst team by Tipigo's algorithm.

Fine-tune Tipigo's algorithm and tailor it to your investment needs!
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Backtest your strategics
Compare to benchmarks of your choice.


Tipigo provides you with a sophisticated backtest at the level of daily execution and allows you to combine various benchmark metrics to compare performance in a selected period.


Optimize your investment profile by using this sophisticated tool.

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